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  • You need honest professionals who understand the Chinese business climate to guide you with your needs, rather than any trading / buying companies.
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Plumbmax International Inc. has been given the sole North American distributorship of a high quality with full functional matting system. A complete floor protection and management solution that will create a true green environment for your property. The system will protect your working, living and recreation area from dirt and other harmful material brought in through the external surroundings. Drastically reduce your maintenance cost to constant cleaning of your flooring. Allowing the conservation of costly energy, water, cleaning chemicals as well as expensive labour cost in property maintenance. Other external materials that will damage your expensive flooring can be safeguard by the proper installation of a complete floor protection and maintenance system. Not only will you be able to work and play in a better environment, but also protect the dirt and dust from leading harmful health substance into these areas. Safety issues can be complemented with our flooring systems.
Research has turned up some interesting facts on the troublesome problem of dust and dirt:
  • More than 80% of dust and dirt that enters our buildings are carried in by pedestrian traffic.
  • On average each person will carry 7 grams of dust and dirt from their shoes on every entry into the building. If 1000 people pass through an entrance, this translates to 7 kilos of dirt and moistures being carried inside every day.
  • Dust is a major source of indoor air pollution
  • Over 30% of worker injuries are slip related.
  • It is estimated that 90% of building maintenance cost is labour and 40% of all custodial working hours are devoted to floor cleaning and maintenance.

Clearly, dust and dirt are major problems and yet removing dirt from your premises can be labour-intensive and costly. With high quality, attractive and durable floor mats and simple cleaning method, our complete floor care system can prevent your premises from dirt, dust and moisture at minimal cost. Isn’t prevention better than correction.

Some of our superior features of our line of floor protection products:

  • Excellent absorption of moist , grease , and dirt holding properties
  • Make with high quality material such as hi-technology yarn, backing with high grade non-woven material.
  • Enhance safety – high quality non-slip rubber backing greatly reduces slippery accidents.
  • Comfort-our mats are designed for stepping comfort but doesn’t sacrifice on function
  • Floor protection – longer life for all type of floorings
  • Easy to maintain and clean with conventional carpet cleaning equipment. Some mats are even durable for multi cycle washable in washer and dryers.

Our mat solution for busy industrial/commercial buildings, restaurants, retails stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes, boats, RVs, and offices.

Plumbmax carries a full range of matting products offering a complete solution to any flooring problems. For information of our complete line of products or a free assessment of your floor protection needs, please contact Dave Lau – email: , office 905-881-8666 or mobile: 416-846-9839

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