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Our Directive & Mission

To provide expert opinions and complete solutions to your value chain with an honest, open book policy;

To assist customers in excelling and expanding their market base by providing consultancy services at a reasonable cost.

Our Associates & Team
In addition, from supporting staffs from our offices in Toronto, Hong Kong and our manufacturing facilities in China, we assist our customers on their various needs. Here are a brief descriptive of our key associates' background. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
For North American Companies
Business consultancy for the China region.
For Chinese Companies
Helps Chinese companies to expand & extend their reach outside of China.
For more information, please contact:
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For Chinese Companies     [中文版]

Plumbmax helps Chinese companies to expand and extend their reach outside of China. We provide general business consultancy for the North American market.

Establish Contacts with North American Companies

  • We provide market research for Chinese companies who are looking to expand their export business into the North American market.
  • We assist in qualification of potential North American customers by providing company history, checking credit ratings when appropriate.
Establish Distribution Channel for Chinese Companies in N.A. Region

  • Review most effective and efficient for distribution.
  • Assist in establishing these channels.
  • Help monitor initial shipments.
  • Provide feedback for improvements.

  • Provide overall Anti-Dumping strategic advice
  • Prepare and analyze DOC and ITC questionnaire responses
  • Research surrogate values
  • Estimate anti-dumping rate prior to submission
  • Prepare clients for verification, represent client's interests at verification
Contract Negotiation & Renewal

  • Can assist clients in ensuring that any contract will be fair and equitable to both parties and will allow the parties to build a lasting relationship. Specifically, we will determine that:
  • - all essential prerequisites, terms and conditions are clearly explained
    - Goods or services to be provided are unquestionably defined
    - Compensation is clearly stated, including total cost, payment schedule, financing terms
    - Identify and address potential risks and liabilities
    - Include effective dates, completion/termination dates, renewal dates
  • Providing expert advice in your initial contract preparation with your identified working partners.
Provide Shipping, Customs Import Solution and Distribution

  • Providing shipping and customs import solution to both US and Canada.
  • Determining the most cost effective and efficient way for shipment.
  • Providing customs clearance support when needed.
  • Tracking shipments and provide freight evaluation.
  • Provide stocking and distribution means in North America.
  • Providing support for any US antidumping issues.

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