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Our Directive & Mission

To provide expert opinions and complete solutions to your value chain with an honest, open book policy;

To assist customers in excelling and expanding their market base by providing consultancy services at a reasonable cost.

Our Associates & Team
In addition, from supporting staffs from our offices in Toronto, Hong Kong and our manufacturing facilities in China, we assist our customers on their various needs. Here are a brief descriptive of our key associates' background. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
For North American Companies
Business consultancy for the China region.
For Chinese Companies
Helps Chinese companies to expand & extend their reach outside of China.
For more information, please contact:
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For North American Companies

Plumbmax provides general business consultancy for the China region. For your import needs, we help identify and qualify Chinese manufacturers and provide a complete supply chain management service from the manufacture's source to your identified destination. For your export needs, we will assist you in your business research of Chinese clients, identify the right companies for your needs, and set up business and private meetings with targeted Chinese companies and agencies to expand your coverage in China.

Evaluation & Audit of Potential & Existing Suppliers

  • Onsite, we evaluate manufacturer's capability and capacity in producing your needs, plus identifying any weak links in their system.
  • We monitor suppliers' Quality Management System and make proposals to customers who need supervision and inspection when placing orders
Accompaniment of Clients to Perform Site Visits and Suppliers Evaluations

In certain situations, clients have already identified and evaluated potential suppliers. However, most clients may need a second opinion from our staff. We will accompany you to do a site visit and provide for you a thorough systemic evaluation of the suppliers and how they can meet your needs. Personal interaction with suppliers can often disclose more evaluative information.

Contract Negotiation & Renewal

Can assist clients in ensuring that any contract will be fair and equitable to both parties and will allow the parties to build a lasting relationship. Specifically, we will determine that:
  • all essential prerequisites, terms and conditions are clearly explained
  • Goods or services to be provided are unquestionably defined
  • Compensation is clearly stated, including total cost, payment schedule, financing terms
  • Identify and address potential risks and liabilities
  • Include effective dates, completion/termination dates, renewal dates
Providing expert advice in your initial contract preparation with your identified working partners.

Help to patent your products in China in protecting your rights.

Production Order & Progress Reporting
  • Manage you production order, onsite check on production progress and providing you timely feedback
  • Making assessment on achievability of delivery time
  • Expediting
  • Trouble shooting
Inspection and Qualification
  • Inspection of production according to the requirements of our clients
  • Assisting in establishing critical areas of concern
  • Working with clients' technical personnel to develop an effective inspection check list
  • Making sure suppliers follow such checklists and provide details on request
  • Minimizing the problem arising at the final production stage, finding errors and correcting immediately
  • Saving costly quality problems that could arise at clients' facilities
  • Shipment Preparation:
- Checking presence of proper labelling methods including name-plates & tags
- Conducting a final quantity check
- Assisting Freight agent for any IMF or Customs Import/Export processing
- Checking documentation for accuracy

Provide Shipping & Customs Import Solution
  • Providing shipping and customs import solution to both US and Canada and/or China Region.
  • Determining the most cost effective and efficient shipping methods.
  • Providing customs clearance support when needed.
  • Tracking shipments and provide freight evaluation.
  • Providing support for any US antidumping issues.
Provide Business Solution to Potential Problems

  • Provide alternative and solution to your supply chain and or business problems
  • Bring in professionals to help solve these problems when needed.

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